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The US law firm for those outside the US

We are a boutique US firm based outside the US.   For decades years we have provided counsel solely to non-American-based businesses, families and individuals with regard to their US legal, tax, business, investment and personal matters.  Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for delivering innovative cost-effective US-legal services solely to clients located outside the United States. 

US firms have little ability to property serve non-US-based clients. Only a small part of their practice involves foreign clients.   Thus, these firms lack an understanding of the unique perspective of foreign clients and the concerns they have regarding the US legal system and business environment.  

We are different.  We are located outside the US and one hundred percent of what we do is representing clients outside the United States with regard to their US legal matters.   We fully understand (i) how non-Americans see the US legal system, and (ii) our clients’ their unique constraints. 

Mr. Silver started his practice in the United States as a tax lawyer and tax litigator, working for the IRS, the US Tax Court, and the head of the California state tax authority.  Opening his private practice in California, he expanded his focus to address the diverse needs of his clients – from business litigation/transactional work, to family matters. 

Leaving the US in the mid-1990s, Mr. Silver immediately realized the need that non-US based clients had for quality US legal services.  The demand was significant and varied.  International foreign banks, owed hundreds of millions of dollars by US-based debtors,  preferred to write the bad debts off rather than litigate in the US.    US citizens and foreign businesses & investors, needing to comply with US tax and disclosure law, lacked quality US law firms outside the US who understood their unique needs.  Non-US-based beneficiaries of US decedents lacked an understanding of their rights. 

The problem was not only one of fees but mindset.  US-based law firms simply lack an understanding of the perspective of a non-US person or entity. The reason is clear: they rarely, if ever, represent clients outside the United States.   

We understand how non-US-based businesses and people think and what their concerns are when it comes to dealing with US law and business.  As American lawyers who have been living abroad for decades, and who exclusively represent you, we understand your concerns and are here to help you achieve your objectives – simply, transparently and cost-effectively

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