After working in U.S. Federal and state tax governmental agencies as well as the U.S. Tax court, Monte Silver focuses on representing clients on business and tax matters related to the United States.   Having accumulated extensive experience in both U.S. taxation planning and litigation, we specialize in developing solutions for high wealth clients with regard to their U.S. matters. 

And with decades of experience in US litigation, we focus solely on success-based high-value litigation in specific areas.  Our experience has identified specific areas of law suitable for a success-based fee structure.  Then we expend significant time and effort in selecting those cases which we believe are winners.  Then and only then do we engage the client as true partners, where our interests are fully aligned.  

Monte has spent half his life in North America and half in Israel. Residing in Israel, Monte frequently travels throughout Europe and the United States pursuing his client’s legal interests and lecturing, and to Washington DC on federal tax-advocacy matters.   


  • UCLA.  B.A. in Economics (1991)

  • Boston University School of Law (1994)

Government Sector Work: 

  • Honorable Judge Larry Nameroff, United States Tax Court

  • Internal Revenue Service, Estate and Gift Tax Division, Boston MA

  • Brad Sherman, Chairman of the California State Board of Equalization (SBE). The SBE is in charge of the California tax system.  (Mr. Sherman is currently a senior U.S. Congressman).  

Bar Admissions:

  • State of California (1994)

  • Israel (1999).

Susman Godfrey is America’s premier litigation boutique. Our talented group of lawyers handle high-stakes litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants nationwide. Because we work on both sides of the docket, we know what our opposition is thinking. 

With more than 130 trial lawyers in four offices from coast to coast, we handle the most challenging cases throughout the country. We offer a broad range of creative, flexible fee structures which align our and our clients’ interests. Traditional hourly billing accounts for a very small percentage of our work. Because we often share risk with our clients, evaluating cases accurately is crucial, and we do it early and often.

United States office location 

The United States law firm of Wasserman Law Group has been in business since 1971. The firm offers the full spectrum of business services throughout the United States.  
The firm regularly represents businesses from all over the world. The men and women who comprise WLG’s business practice group are uniquely positioned to handle the wide variety of issues that come up in business. Our clients benefit from our considerable knowledge of the law, superior advocacy skills and the real-world business experience we provide.  
To that end, WLG ensures that the practice group is comprised of former businesspersons who share a unique understanding of the practical challenges facing our clients. 

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