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US law firm representing non-US clients

Do you reside outside of the United States yet require US legal  services?   We are a firm of seasoned US lawyers located outside the US and we specialize in one thing:  Providing non-US based clients with effective results-oriented US legal services – with a special focus on US litigation of all kinds. 

About our firm

The law firm of Silver & Co., founded by Monte Silver, is an international boutique firm located in Israel and California.  We have over thirty years experience in representing non-US-based clients with regard their US legal needs.  The firm serves business and private clients, in a personalized and goal-oriented manner that is focused on one thing:  helping clients achieve their objectives with regard to their US-based legal needs

Decades of experience

With over three decades of providing US legal services exclusively to private and business clients located outside the USA, we have developed  both a proven global reputation and  unparalleled experience in  delivering results in the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation / business litigation in the USA: When a business dispute cannot be resolved, the dispute may require that a lawsuit be filed in the United States. As a party located outside the US, you rightfully have many concerns about litigating in the US.  The US legal system is highly complex, and very expensive.  In such cases, having a lawyer with vast US litigation experience, coupled with an understanding of the unique concerns of clients who face great uncertainty, is vital.
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is often an alternative way to resolve business disputes.  Arbitration can be preferrable to litigation in many ways.  Our firm has been involved in a vast number of business arbitrations.
  • Contracts and business planning: Our firm specializes in representing foreign business clients who are engaged – or are seeking to engage – in business in the United States, or with US parties.   On one hand, this means planning. Even before a contract is entered into, it is vital to understand the client’s objectives to make sure that the legal services are carefully tailored to achieve the client’s goals.  On the other hand, it means negotiating and drafting contracts and making sure they are implemented correctly.  With a strong background in business, our lawyers offer a business-oriented services to our clients.
  • Probate litigation (inheritance, estates and trusts) We specializes in representing non-US-based individuals who are beneficiaries of wills, estates and trusts where the assets are in the United States. Most often this means representing beneficiaries when a person has died in the United States and left our clients assets. In these cases, special care is needed to make sure that the foreign beneficiary receives everything to which he/she is entitled.  And given the fact that other beneficiaries may live in the US and be closer to the assets often requires that the non-US beneficiary be protected.  We understand the unique situation of foreign beneficiaries and know how to protect our clients


  • US criminal law: Our firm provides aggressive representation to foreigners who are facing investigations, grand jury subpoenas, criminal charges and extradition requests. We our known for our aggressive criminal defense practice.  We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who offer proven defense strategies to clients nationwide. We have handled a wide variety of cases, including white collar-crimes, tax fraud, financial crimes and computer and cyber crimes.
  • US taxation: The American tax system is far more complex than the tax system in any other country. And this is the case for American citizens living outside the USA, for international businesses engaged in business in the US, and for foreigners who invest in the United States.  We have past work experience at the IRS as well as at the United States Tax court, where we handled both civil tax disputes as well as criminal tax fraud cases.  We are regarded as one of the premier US tax law firms outside the United States.  We regularly represent both foreign companies as well as US and foreign individuals and solve their US-tax issues.

Different and separate legal systems

The US legal system is far more complicated that the legal systems than any other system.  First, there are two separate sub-systems: federal and state.  When it comes to litigation, the two systems have many similarities.  US litigation in both federal and state courts is both procedure and paper intense.  This means that your attorneys will spend lots of time representing you on procedural matters for which the client sees no benefit.  This is where our firm comes in.  We understand that our clients  – even if they are large international banks – are unaware of the complexities and many pitfalls of US litigation.  Before a client decides to litigate in the US, we advise it if the many aspects of litigation which they may not be aware of.  And then, if litigation is the best way to proceed in order to meet our client’s objectives, we represent them in court aggressively and wisely.  And by wisely we mean using innovative and effective strategies that minimize our client’s disadvantages as a foreigner, while leveraging the advantages available given the circumstances of the case. 

Understanding the  unique situation  of customers located outside the US

Especially when it comes to litigation, clients located outside the US should strongly consider consulting, or not retaining an attorney who has specialized knowledge and experience in representing foreigners in US litigation.  A foreigner who retains a US lawyer, without making sure that the lawyer understands the unique perspective of the foreign client, is inviting disaster.

Our firm’s attorneys all have many years of experience representing non-US clients. And this knowledge greatly benefits our clients in many ways.  First, unlike US based lawyers whose first and really only concern is to generate staggering legal fees for themselves, we act as wise counsel to our clients.  We recommend US litigation only if we clearly understand how US litigation will serve our client’s clear goals.  Second, we often seek to align our interests with those of our clients.  If our client has a sizeable claim against a US defendant, we will offer ways to share the risk  – by taking part or all of our fees on a success basis.  This proves that we (i) believe in the case and (ii) will collect on a judgement.  After all, a judgement is only worth something if the client can collect on it. 

Bottom line:  we go the extra few miles to represent our clients and help them achieve their goals.

Silver & Co. at your service

Our firm has 3 decades of experience in providing legal services in the USA to clients who are based outside the United States. 

So if you are looking for the services of an American lawyer, contact us to schedule an initial consultation.










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