US Business Litigation

Law firm specializing in US business litigation and commercial disputes

The law firm of Silver & Co. specializes in representing non-US based businesses in US business litigation  and commercial disputes. 

The firm of Silver & Co. offers US business litigation services in commercial disputes for all types of business clients against all types of parties.  We have a track record of litigating against, and defeating, all types of parties – from the largest multinational corporations and US government, to smaller scale real estate investment promoters and debtors.  We represent both large international banks and institutional investors, to smaller investors and creditors.  In all cases there is one thing in common – we only represent businesses located outside the US with regard to their litigation in the United States.  If you are a party to a dispute in the US, you must obtain legal representation that protects and fights for your interests.

A US litigation law firm that specializes in representing the non-US based client

Our firm specializes in business litigation and commercial disputes where the client is a business located outside the US.  More than any firm in the world, Silver & Co. understands the unique perspective of the foreign business facing or involved in US litigation.  Our understanding of this unique status is based on decades of experience and allows us to properly provide counsel to our clients at every state of the litigation, including:  

  • Assessing whether the case is strong enough to justify US litigation. If not, we advise against litigation.
  • Determining whether the client’s objectives can be obtained by US litigation. If not, we advise against litigation.
  • Determining the other side can actually pay a judgement when we win! If not, we advise against litigation.
  • Determining the proper place and court to file a lawsuit.
  • Drafting and filing the lawsuit.
  • Effectively guiding the litigation through the extensive pre-trial law and motion, discovery, and work with experts required for trial.
  • Settlement attempts via mediation or arbitration
  • Jury trials
  • Collection

Success-based litigation

Unlike practically all US law firms who charge their clients outrageous legal fees, we strongly seek to avoid situations where we as lawyers win and you – our client – loses.  Accordingly, we strive to take cases we strongly believe in.   And in those cases, we believe in sharing the risk with the client, where our compensation is directly tied to the fate of our client.   We simply do not believe in winning where our client does not.    This alignment of interests clearly benefits the client, who knows that it’s lawyer truly believes in its case and has a shared destiny. 

US litigation can be complex and long, not to mention very expensive.  This serves as a major hurdle to foreign businesses who have a legitimate and sizable claim against a US based party.  Whether we represent large foreign financial institutions or corporations, foreign clients are justifiably hesitant to litigate in the US.  The decision to litigate in the US should not be taken lightly.  And in more cases than not, we prefer to act as wise counsel and avoid US litigation if it will not clearly obtain the client’s goals.

Types of cases we handle

Over the years, we have litigated businesses disputes in the U.S. in practically every possible area of business, such as:

  • Creditor litigation
    • Banks and lenders, suppliers, and vendors  
  • Shareholder/partnership litigation
    • Management, operations, accounting, deadlock, compensation, minority rights, fiduciary duties, fraud.
  • Real estate litigation:
    • For property owners, investors, developers and contractors, tenants and lenders.
  • Buy-sell litigation
  • Employment-related litigation
  • Franchise, distributor/agency litigation
  • Patent-infringement litigation.
  • Claims against Federal and State agencies


Next steps? Here are your choices

If you have a potential case you have one of three options: 

  • Walk away from a sizeable claims out of fear of dealing with US litigation and US lawyers. This happens often, even with large international companies and banks.
  • Settle the dispute for pennies on the dollar.
  • Contact a US business litigation firm who, if it believes in your case, might be willing to represent you (in all or in part) on a success basis.

If you have a potential US business litigation matter or commercial dispute, contact us for a free consultation.



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