US Business Litigation

Business litigation in the United States is a core focus of our firm.  Over the decades we have litigated cases throughout the United States, in both state and federal courts.  Our cases range from international business and investment disputes to creditor rights, to highly technical patent infringement litigation cases.   Most of our litigation takes place away from the public eye, while several have involved cutting edge, precedent-setting cases which have been extensively covered by leading business and legal publications.

When it comes to US business litigation, our core advantages are:

  • We exclusively litigate on behalf of foreign businesses, investors and individuals. Thus we understand the foreign plaintiff’s unique perspective better than any other law firm. Our experience allows us to provide our clients with wise counsel, from assessing the case and the decision to litigate, to effectively implementing and executing the litigation strategy.
  • A business-oriented, bottom line, approach.
  • Our willingness to align our interests with those of our clients.  This means that in some plaintiff cases, we often share some of the risk in appropriate cases.


Having represented countless non-US based clients in disputes throughout America, we are very familiar with the unique situation of foreign litigants.  U.S. litigation in the US is serious matter and a decision to litigate should not be taken lightly.  The billing practices of US firms are well-known.  And the U.S. legal system – with its extensive pre-trial procedures, liberal discovery, and expert opinions  – allows U.S. law firms to generate astronomical legal fees and costs from day one. 

Too often we have been hired by Clients who:

  1. have been bled to death by prior US-based counsel, or
  2. walked away from valuable claims out of fear of the US legal system, or
  3. Settled a dispute for pennies to the dollar to avoid US litigation.


We are different.

Unlike the typical US law firm, we understand that foreigners – whether banks and multinational companies, or individual investors – see the US legal system very differently from their US counterparts.  As your counsel, we are there, every step of the way, to explain the US legal processes in straightforward, business-oriented manner.  Our goal is one: help the client effectively achieve its litigation objectives at the lowest possible financial and non-financial cost.  

We seek cases which allow for flexible financial arrangements, and that allow us to align our interests with those of our Client. 


Over the years, we have litigated businesses disputes in the U.S. in practically every possible area of business, such as:

  • Creditor litigation
    • Banks and lenders, suppliers and vendors  
  • Shareholder/partnership litigation
    • Management, operations, accounting, deadlock, compensation, minority rights, fiduciary duties, fraud.
  • Real estate litigation:
    • For property owners, investors, developers and contractors, tenants and lenders.
  • Buy-sell litigation
  • Employment-related litigation
  • Franchise, distributor/agency litigation
  • Patent-infringement litigation.
  • Claims against Federal and State agencies
  • Personal injury litigation


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If you have a business-related claim against a US-based person or entity, contact us to discuss it.

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