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As a US law firm specializing in US probate and inheritance matters, we represent people outside the US who are the beneficiaries of inheritances in the United States.  In the global world we live in it is common for people outside the US – whether US citizens or not – to inherit assets in the United States.  As a result, such people often find themselves facing complex US probate processes.

Our firm providers the specialized legal probate services to people outside the US (“foreigners”) have are the beneficiaries in an estate or trust where the assets are in the United States.  Our services are focused on making sure that our clients gets what they deserve as part of the US probate process.

US firm that specializes in probate litigation for clients outside the US

If a person has passed away and left you assets located in the US, the fact that you live outside the US poses special problems.   Our firm provides US probate litigation services to people just like you – people outside the US.  Our firm, Silver & Co. –  is a recognized authority in the area of US probate litigation.  We will guide you through the US probate process, and make sure that your interests are protected and that you receive that which you deserve.

Of court there are a wide variety of situation where you require a professional probate attorney. Probate disputes have existed since the beginning of time. Our firm – Silver & Co – is a boutique law firm that in probate disputes has decades of proven experience in US probate litigation.

We defend your interests in probate processes and inheritances.

Over the years, our firm – Silver & Co. – has encountered virtually every possible scenario involving US probate processes where the beneficiary is outside the US. Given the vulnerability of the foreign beneficiary, US probate processes put the foreigner at a disadvantage.  As a result, the foreign beneficiary has to fight to get his/her share.

It is common that the interests of the foreign beneficiary conflicts the interests of US beneficiaries who lived close to the deceased.   If the foreigner wants to get that what he/she deserves, that person’s interests must be fought for and protected.  This is why the foreign beneficiary needs someone to protect its interests in the probate process.  For example, in many cases, either just before or after a person’s death, those close to the deceased suddenly “find” a new will or trust that is far more beneficial to them and far less beneficial to the foreigner.  In these instances the foreign beneficiary needs a US probate litigation expert to protect its interests.  Such expert must be familiar with the delicate situation of a foreign beneficiary in order to make sure that justice is served. 

The local beneficiary who is seeking a larger piece of the pie has every advantage over the foreign beneficiary.  The local beneficiary may have pressured the deceased to change the will. The local beneficiary may have named himself/herself as the executor of the will, and selected a favorable attorney to represent his/her interest at your expense. Unless someone is protecting your interests and making sure the process is legitimate, you can lose out of significant money.

US probate procedures

Probate is a world onto itself and includes a wide variety of complexities.  Such complexities are not just legal, but include financial concerns and  family dynamics. On the one side, our clients seek to maximize their inheritance. On the other hand, delicate family considerations cannot be ignored.  Therefore, there is a need for professionals who know how to deal with these delicate situations.  We understand these complexities and know how to obtain the most for our clients, given these sensitivities.

As specialists in US probate, we are well aware of the monetary and non-monetary issues at stake.  Many times our work is discrete and done quietly.  There is much investigation work that can be done without any third-party being aware of it.  This includes obvious actions such as reviewing the court documents to secure a copy of the will to see which assets have been disclosed to the court, who the named beneficiaries are, and who the attorney is who is handling the estate.   Less obvious actions include asset searches to locate other assets of the deceased, or the interviewing of witnesses.  Obtaining information is vital, as access to information is the weak spot of the foreign beneficiary.   

Bridging the information gap

The lack of access to information is the most critical problem facing the non-US based beneficiary.   Unlike beneficiaries living close to the deceased, a beneficiary living far away has no way to know what happened or is happening on the ground.  Did the deceased have numerous wills?  Was the deceased pressured to draft a new will?  What assets did the deceased have? Since the non-US based beneficiary lacks this information, he/she must know that information. 

What happens when you are a foreign beneficiary?

Our firm specializes in serving one and only one kind of client: people and businesses located outside the US.  We know the sensitivities of being far from the scene.  As a result, there are several key things that must be taken into account:

  • The US probate process is highly regulated and takes place under the close scrutiny of the probate judge. Thus if the foreigner has proper representation, the foreigner has a good chance in a fair result.
  • In the event of a probate dispute, access to information is critical. In virtually every case, those close to the deceased and the probate court have a huge advantage.
  • The foreign beneficiary must have a probate attorney protecting after his/her interest. The probate attorney will make sure that the will is valid and was not signed in under questionable circumstances.  That there are no hidden assets or assets that were transferred out of the state under suspicious circumstances.  That there are no questionable and suspicious debts

Personalized US probate services by a law firm that specializes in representing foreign beneficiaries.

Our firm, Silver & Co., is a boutique US law firm that specializes in providing US legal services to clients located outside the US.   No other firm in the world has the experience we have in understanding the unique situation and concerns of non-US-based clients.

As to US probate services, Silver & Co. handles US probate proceedings, always representing the interests of the foreign beneficiary.  Our representation deals with all aspects of probate disputes, when the interests of the various beneficiaries clash. 

We provide highly personalized services that go above and beyond what our clients expect.  This can mean finding hidden assets or locating/examining witnesses who have knowledge of the circumstances around which the will was executed.  And we do our job discretely or in a manner which account the sensitive circumstances of the particular case.  With our expert representation, we do everything we can to make sure that the interests of our clients are protected.  We take great pride in resolving disputes in a manner that secures the interests of our clients, without causing unnecessary friction. 

If you have an interest in US assets of a person who passed away, you need specialized legal representation.  Contact us today for future details and to schedule a free consultation.


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